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Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Second Half Thread

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Folks, the Miami Dolphins are unspeakably bad. There is no other explanation for how the Jets could have played so badly and still lead this game 14-6 heading to the locker room.

What was bad? Pretty much everything. Guys in the secondary are getting beaten. Linebackers aren't finishing their tackles. Nobody up front is generating a push in either the passing game or running game. The offense is having problems everywhere aside from pass protection. The offense did show some signs of life with a touchdown drive before the half. The unit is getting no help from its play calling. We have seen some of the dumbest play calls in the NFL this season tonight.

Hopefully the Jets continue to lead the scoreboard and look a lot better in the second half.

Leave your thoughts below. As always, linking to streams of illegal broadcasts of the game is prohibited around here.