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The Runway: Five Questions With The Phinsider, Part 5

My final question for Mosul_DolFan of The Phinsider asks him to put on his game planning hat and develop an attack for the Jets.

If you were the Jets, how would you game plan against the Dolphins?

On defense, I am putting Cromartie on Marshall.  I know the normal thing would be to put Revis on him, but, with the history Marshall and Cromartie have in the AFC West, and the comments from Marshall, I am putting Cromartie there early, to push Marshall's buttons and see if I can make him implode.  I would also be blitzing Moore as much as I can.  The Dolphisn offensive line is horrible.  Mike Pouncey is playing well, and Jake Long is getting better as his shoulder heals from offseason surgery, although he has already given up 4 sacks on the year, but Marc Colombo and Vernon Carey on the right side are just miserable.  It's so bad, either tight end Anthony Fasano or, after reporting as eligible, tackle Nate Garner have had to be used as an additional blocker on the right side, babysitting the weakest part of the Dolphins.

On offense, I am checking on Vontae Davis' health early, and taking it straight at the cornerbacks. I'm going to make them prove to me they can cover before I am going to worry about anything.  Football Outsiders have Miami's defense ranked as the worst in the league right now.  They are bad against the run and even worse against the pass.  Take your pick on how you want to attack them - because they probably aren't going to stop either.

Don't be so sure about that. Where there's a Schotty, there's a way for an offense to not take advantage of a bad defense.

In all seriousness, thanks to Mosul for stopping by. We will be sure to hit him up again before Week 17 when hopefully the Jets will have a Playoff spot locked up, and the Dolphins will be playing out the string but out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.