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The Runway: Five Questions With The Phinsider, Part 4

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My fourth question for Mosul_DolFan of The Phinsider talks about how his team will approach this game with a new quarterback in the lineup.

How do you see the Dolphins approaching this game offensively with Matt Moore making his first start for Miami?

Great question.  I think the biggest asset Matt Moore has this week is a return of Daniel Thomas.  The rookie running back, who has missed 2 of the Dolphins first 4 games wit injuries, should be back.  He's Miami's leading rusher right now, and has looked impressive when he is in.  If the Dolphins can get Thomas running up the middle, especially behind fellow rookie, center Mike Pouncey - who is actually grading out better than his twin brother Maurkice did last year as a rookie Pro Bowler - Miami could find some success on the ground.

I know you guys heard the story of Brandon Marshall's comments this week (if you didn't, my story made its way into your guys Fan Posts, or head over to The Phinsider to see it).  There are all kinds of things wrong with the way he said it, but I really think too much was made on the "ejection" he predicted.  No, I don't think Marshall is going to try to get kicked out.  And no, as was suggested by some of the Gang Green Nation readers in the Fan Post version of the story, I don't think Marshall is going to try to take down Revis or Cromartie, or anyone else from the Jets.  I think Marshall is trying to find a way to fire himself, and the team, up for the game.  Marshall has not been a part of the offense this year, because he is leading the NFL in drops.  If he has to come out and say something like that to get his head back into the game, I'm all for it.  Yeah, it's dumb sounding, but the Dolphins need Marshall to play like the elite receiver we all thought he was coming to Miami.

Hopefully, if Thomas can get running effectively, and Marshall can actually perform like a number 1 wideout, the Dolphins have a chance.  I think we will see a lot of runs with Thomas, short, screen passes to Bush (hopefully!), and a couple of jump balls for Marshall early, to try to figure out what is working for the offense.