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The Runway: Five Questions With The Phinsider, Part 2

My second question for Mosul_DolFan from The Phinsider deals with his team's new offensive coordinator.

What changes have Brian Daboll brought as offensive coordinator? How effective have they been?

Daboll came in to Miami with a lot of hope and expectations.  The talk of opening up the offense, becoming more explosive and less predictable, was exciting.  Now, we find the Dolphins trying to jam the ball up the middle with Reggie Bush, into a line that can't stop a three-toe sloth.  Something just isn't working.  

Opening night, the Dolphins threw the ball for over 400 yards, keeping up, for the most part, with the Patriots - who had Tom Brady throw for over 500 yards.  The offense was awesome.  They were taking shots.  They were impressive.  Sure, we didn't win, but the offense was full of promise.  The speed that Tony Sparano had been talking about for years was suddenly there.  Bush was solid, wide receivers Brian Hartline and Clyde Gates looked like constant deep threats, quarterback Chad Henne was unafraid of putting up the ball, and letting his receivers make a play.  Now, three games later, Miami is back in a shell on offense.  I don't know why it has changed, but it's something that needs to be fixed against the Jets, or else Miami will really be looking at "winning" the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.