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The Runway: Five Questions With The Phinsider, Part 1

A few months ago, long time Dolphins blogger Matty I stepped down as the head man over at SB Nation's Dolphins blog, The Phinsider. Fortunately, Mosul_DolFan took over and is maintaining the same high level of Dolphins coverage. He was kind enough to stop by to answer five Dolphins questions ahead of tonight's game. My first one is below.

What are the odds this is Tony Sparano's last game in Miami if the Jets win? How do the fans feel about Sparano at this point?

I think Sparano probably makes it through the year, meaning it's actually the next Jets game that will probably be his last. If Miami loses this game, the calls for Sparano, and General Manager Jeff Ireland's, heads will get louder, but I think, with them both making it through the bye week, we won't see anything happen for a little while. I could see it happening in the week 13-14 time frame, if owner Stephen Ross wants to get a jump on talking to a new coach, but that's about the only time I could see Sparano being fired during the season.

As for the fans, it's ugly right now. The calls for Sparano to be fired, and fired right now, are non-stop. The strangest part of the desire for change is, the same people who are talking about how bad the Dolphins' defense is, are the ones calling for Sparano to be fired and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan to be made the interim coach.