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Talking Points Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground Tonight

Let me tell you something about this guy right here, Darrelle Revis. He is the best cornerback in the National Football League. I wish I had this guy when I was coaching.

This guy, Mark Sanchez, replaced Brett Favre. I love Favre. I coached him in Green Bay.

Ron, the Miami Dolphins were the team that brought the Wildcat into the mainstream of the National Football League. I want to see some more Wildcat!

Let me tell you something about this guy, Brandon Marshall. I'm glad I'm up in the booth and not coaching. Game planning against this guy would give me nightmares.

Look at this guy, LaDainian Tomlinson. This is one of the greatest running backs in National Football League history, and the Jets are bringing him off the bench. Are you kidding me?

These Dolphins are dangerous. With this guy, Tony Sparano at the helm, they have what it takes to go on a run.