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Derrick Mason Trade Terms Revealed

The terms for the Derrick Mason trade are now known.

Turns out, the Texans might not have to pay anything for Mason's services the rest of the year. That's because, as Charley Casserly reported on The NFL Today, Mason's trade value is reportedly tied to his reception total while in Houston.

If Mason catches 33 or more passes, the Jets receive a seventh-round pick in exchange for the veteran wideout. If Mason catches 32 or less passes while with Houston this season, the Jets will receive nothing in return.

I'm surprised people in the media were astonished by this. It was pretty widely reported this was a conditional seventh round pick. That meant a seventh round pick was not guaranteed it was tied to something. You cannot get lower compensation than a seventh rounder so a conditional seventh rounder indicates there is a chance you get nothing in return. Mason, an old receiver off to a slow start, had very little value. The Jets were probably going to release him if nobody stepped up with a trade offer. They at least gave themselves a chance to get something.

Mason had 3 catches for Houston today. That means he need 29 receptions more in the last 11 games to hit the mark. That is not a huge hurdle.