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NFL Week 6 Open Thread

I am throwing this thread up for anybody who is around and wants to talk about Sunday's games, the baseball postseason, or whatever else suits you. A good slate of games today features the Bills at the Giants, the 49ers at the Lions, the Texans at the Ravens, the Panthers at the Falcons, The Saints at the Buccaneers, and the Cowboys at the Patriots.

The AFC East race could end up changed by tomorrow night depending on what happens today at the Meadowlands and in Foxborough. Either things will look brighter, or there will be even more pressure on the Jets to beat the Dolphins. Let's go Giants and Cowboys!

Leave your Week 6 NFL thoughts below in the comments section. If you have never commented before on GGN, there is no time like the present to throw yourself into the discussion and talk football with a great community of New York Jets fans.