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What Will We Learn About Jamaal Westerman This Week?

Jamaal Westerman had a monster game his first week as a full time player. If he plays like that every week, the Jets will have found their pass rusher. One week does not mean a lot in the grand scheme of things. We still do not really have an idea of what Westerman is going to be. This week he has an incredibly difficult test.

Heading into this season, Jake Long was among the first player people would mention in discussions for best tackle in the league. He is off to a bit of a rough start. While far from terrible, he is allowing his quarterback to get either sacked or hit twice per week.

Westerman will see a lot of time against Long. Do not be fooled by Westerman's production last week or Long's relatively pedestrian start. This is still a matchup on paper that heavily favors Miami. Expectations for Westerman should be tempered. If Jamaal does find success, though, it could be a sign the Jets have found an answer.