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How Will the New York Jets Align Their Corners Against the Miami Dolphins?

The Jets made a somewhat surprising move the second time they played the Dolphins last year. They stuck Antonio Cromartie on Brandon Marshall. In the first meeting between the teams, Darrelle Revis was hurt. Cromartie had to cover Marshall and got toasted to the tune of 10 catches for 166 yards. In that second matchup, Marshall had only 2 catches for 16 yards, and one was on a play he ended up against a linebacker in zone coverage. Part of it had to with Chad Henne having an awful game, and the Jets getting to him consistently. Cro was much better, though. 

I think the Jets put Cromartie on him because the tall Marshall was a better matchup for him than the quick Davone Bess, who drew Darrelle Revis. Brian Hartline was injured for that one. Assuming Kyle Wilson draws the slot man, Bess, the Jets still have a decision. Marshall presents Cromartie with some problems. He is a physical type receiver. On the other side of the field is Brian Hartline. Hartline has developed into a good deep threat with deceptive speed. He runs routes well. He also makes circus catches. I think you could make an argument to put Revis on him. Revis has the best ball skills of New York's corners (along with the best everything else).

Even so, I still think I would put Revis on Marshall. Even though Marshall has been inconsistent, he is still having a productive statistical season. I would imagine the Dolphins will simplify things a bit with their backup quarterback making his first start. Marshall is a big target in the passing game. Plus Revis' physical style might frustrated Marshall and provoke him into doing something to get ejected. Marshall has bizarrely predicted he will be ejected from this game.