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McElroy and Payne Getting Healthy

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It feels like a lot of news lately has been health-related. Nick Mangold, Ropati Pitoitua, now Greg McElroy and Logan Payne.

You may recall QB Greg McElroy, our seventh-round draft pick, lighting it up in the pre-season this year. You may also recall his injury during the last game against the Philadelphia Eagles, when he dislocated his right throwing thumb. McElroy underwent surgery and was placed on injured-reserve, ending his season. He is now finally getting his cast off, per his own Twitter account. Although this is obviously not pressing news, since he's on IR, it's worth noting.

More important though is the recovery of WR Logan Payne. Payne, a UDFA, dislocated his wrist in the pre-season matchup against the New York Giants. Payne underwent surgery and is also getting his cast off today. He will have his pins removed soon from his wrist and will likely begin practicing after the bye. This is an important move. Take the jump below with me and I'll explain why.

Payne's injury could explain why the Jets were fine with letting WR Derrick Mason go to the Houston Texans. With Mason's departure, WR Jeremy Kerley will step up into the #3 WR role. He himself has stated that with this, his role returning punts is under question. He may not be able to do it anymore with an increased role in the offense. With Payne back soon, Kerley's role as a PR will be unnecessary. If you recall from the pre-season, what Payne excelled at was special teams. He was a solid PR, if an unspectacular WR. Payne's return allows Kerley to focus on being a WR. With Mason gone, Kerley moves into his spot, and Payne into Kerley's ST spot. If there is an injury to the position, there is now an extra guy to take over, with Scotty McKnight and Michael Campbell on the practice squad should all hell break loose.