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News Update

Hey folks. There has been some updates since this morning. Per Jenny Vrentas, via Twitter, C Nick Mangold is not practicing. C Colin Baxter took snaps during the corrections period. As she later said, "Mangold just walked out, no jersey no helmet. Headed over to work with Payne, Strickland, and Ropati." I'm not sure what's going on with him or Ropati Pitoitua, but I'll certainly let everyone know as soon as I find out. It may just be they're resting him as he continues his recovery.

The other bit of news, which compliments our earlier bit about WR Michael Campbell being signed to the practice squad, is that S Tracy Wilson has been signed to fill Derrick Mason's spot on the 53-man roster. Correction: Vrentas corrected her statement earlier; Wilson will be on the PS. Mason's spot is still open. Wilson was with the team in camp, but was undrafted during the supplemental draft. Wilson is a free safety, so he may be a ballhawking replacement for Dwight Lowery. Again, I don't know a ton about him yet, but I'll update as I learn more.

Update: Below is a scouting report on Wilson I found via

A read and react style safety, Wilson does his best to try and keep plays in front of him. He has good size for the position and is a terrific at offering run support either as the last line of defense or in the box. Wilson has spent both time at FS and SS in college and while we project him as a SS in the NFL, his ability to play some FS is a good thing. If Wilson is to make a team in the limited time he will have, it will be because of his impact on ST. A possible gunner and kick coverage man, Wilson will have to make his mark there.

As good as Wilson is in run support he’s considered somewhat of a liability in pass coverage. Wilson does a decent job of not letting plays get behind him but he can be sucked in by play action and will get himself caught in no man’s land. He lacks ideal range for a FS and if you can get him moving in one direction, he struggles to quickly change direction.

Connor Orr is also reporting that Ropati has a Grade 2 PCL injury, and that it is wrapped very heavily. However, he goes on to say that Ropati says it isn't very bad and was running during practice today. Yikes. Wilkerson will need to step up his game. This may be the game we see Kenrick Ellis.