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New York Jets Trade Derrick Mason to Houston Texans

The Jets have traded wide receiver Derrick Mason to the Texans.

Texans have traded a conditional draft choice to Jets for WR Derrick Mason.

Cimini says it is a conditional seventh round pick.

It sure seems like the Jets are trying to make an example of Mason here. This will certainly do nothing to quiet the theory the team was angry with him for alleged comments complaining about Brian Schottenheimer. If you give up somebody for a seventh, you want him out badly.

Mason's numbers were not very good, but that does not always tell the whole story, particularly as a third receiver in an offense with as many options as the Jets have. He was brought in as a bit of insurance in case Jeremy Kerley was not ready to produce in the slot. The team clearly seems to feel Kerley is ready.

It feels like there is more to the story, though. Why not just hold onto Mason for depth in case somebody gets hurt? It is not like there is much worthwhile available out there. We will never really know. If nothing else, the Jets wanted to send a message to the other guys that if this continues, nobody is safe, not even a known veteran with a connection to Rex Ryan. It might be that the Schottenheimer thing was true. The suspicious timing of all this will not end that speculation.