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Should Kyle Wilson Play Safety for the New York Jets?

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Kyle Wilson is playing well this season. He generally sees the field in nickel packages. In conventional packages, Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie are the starting corners. That is unlikely to change barring injuries.

The Jets have issues at the safety position in coverage, particularly with Eric Smith. Smith has allowed over 100 yards in coverage in both of the past two games. He is an asset against run heavy teams. He is a good nickel linebacker. He is not a high quality starter, though, and has real problems against good receiving tight ends.

Since the Jets are not going to use Wilson in normal looks, and there are safety issues, I wonder whether the Jets will consider giving Wilson a look at the free safety spot. He has pretty good range. He is physical. In nickel spots, he could drop down into the slot. He covers tight ends a lot when he is in the game. Jim Leonhard could drop down to the strong safety spot, where he played really well in 2009. Smith kind of cancels Leonhard out when both are in there. They make the same kind of plays. If they are not going to use Wilson at corner, why not maximize his effect by using him elsewhere?

It would not be a huge adjustment either. There are plays in the defense that call for corners to play the safety spot.

Am I totally nuts for thinking this?