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NFL: New York Jets Broke No Rules With Video Taping Sunday

Despite Florio's wild accusations about a cameraman on the Jets sidelines yesterday, the NFL has ruled the Jets did nothing wrong.

The Jets operated within the league guidelines in what NFL spokesman Greg Aiello labeled a "nonissue" on Tuesday morning.


NFL Network's Albert Breer pointed to the the league's 2011 policy on sideline media access, which clarifies that this type of recording is permitted:

"Club video crews and video crews from television stations that produce and telecast club-licensed programming (e.g. coaches' shows, team magazine-style shows, etc.) may also be permitted to have a camera on the sidelines to shoot footage for those club-licensed programs only.

"Home and visiting club-related sideline video personnel (those shooting for coaches' shows and team programming, scoreboard cameras, etc.) will wear lime-green vests."

Lime-green vest? Check.

Massive controversy averted? Check.

You would hope the Jets would not be stupid enough to break a rule like this in plain sight against the Patriots considering that organization would have loved nothing more than to nail the Jets. It would have been sweet revenge for SpyGate.

Now we can all move on until our next Florio generated controversy.