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The Incredible Mike Florio Strikes Again

The incredible Mike Florio has struck again, posting a non-story about a cameraman on the sidelines, wearing an NFL vest with a Jets shirt underneath and a staff ID card around his neck:

a credentialed member of the Jets staff holding a television camera and pointing it at across the field, presumably at the Patriots sideline.

He later went on to write that the "controversy was over before it even really began."  You don't say, Mike?

For those of you who don't know, the Jets have been producing their own shows since Woody Johnson bought the team.  They once had a show for kids called "Generation Jets."  They also had "Jets 24/7 with Herman Edwards", which became "Jets 24/7 with Eric Mangini". 

Those shows were produced by a company in Chelsea.  By the time HC Rex Ryan was hired, Gang Green launched the Jets Television Network and did everything in-house.  "24/7" then transformed into "Jets Flight Plan".  The team also started "Jets Huddle" last year. 

On top of that, the Jets are on almost everyday on SNY with shows like "Jets Game Plan" and special coverage once in a while.

In addition, the team produces plenty of videos on their website and for their Facebook account.  Eric Allen does a lot of on-camera interviews.  In 2009, ILB Bart Scott co-hosted a show with him.

What sometimes surprises me is that even beat writers don't seem aware of these shows.  The "home of the Jets" chant has been featured on "24/7" after every win since the show began.  Yet, when SNY constantly aired them on "Jets Post Game", Rich Cimini actually wrote that it was FB Tony Richardson who brought this chant from Kansas City because they do "home of the Chiefs" during the National Anthem, as though he actually checked with anybody to confirm it.  Newsflash: T-Rich was chosen to break the huddle because he was the experienced veteran.  This year, RB LaDainian Tomlinson is the guy who does it.  I think it's mind-boggling that you could be paid to cover the team and not even bother to DVR the team's programming.

You know the guy who they allow into the locker room to videotape Rex addressing the team?  It's probably that guy in the picture.  And the NFL has access to that footage, and it sometimes winds up on the NFL Network shows like "Sound FX" or "Turning Point".  In other words, the league has been well aware of the cameramen's presence.  Just like the league was aware of Rex's comments about pursuing then Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha when Florio accused the Jets of tampering, because Commissioner Roger Goodell himself was there when those comments were made.  And Florio would have known that if he would have checked his facts before creating a stir out of second-hand information.

So yes, Mr. MoFo, you are right.  This was a non-story that you incredibly tried to pass off as something legit.  Again.