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Is Kyle Wilson Better Than Antonio Cromartie?

I had a thought yesterday. I think Kyle Wilson might be a better cornerback than Antonio Cromartie at this point.

In this season, Wilson has shown more willingness to get physical. He has better instincts and ball skills. Cromartie is and always has been guy with big size, blazing speed and marginal skills everywhere else. His first instinct the second a receiver gains an edge seems to be to grab the receiver. He is a great athlete who happens to play cornerback. Running down the field step for step with a vertical threat, I would probably take Cromartie. Against any other kind of receiver, I would probably take Wilson at this point.

I doubt Wilson will get a starting job over Cromartie since Cro just signed a new contract. One could argue that contract was not a mistake as the Jets need as many good cover guys as they can find given the propensity of the coaching staff to blitz and the struggles to find a pass rusher.

What do you think?