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Caleb Schlauderaff: The Sixth Lineman?

The Jets had a very subtle tweak yesterday. Caleb Schlauderaff, a rookie guard from Utah, was the primary backup lineman. Colin Baxter, who was the starting center at Oakland and Baltimore the last two weeks, was inactive. Schlauderaff saw some action when the Jets put six linemen on the field. Last week in Baltimore, Vladimir Ducasse filled that role. It seems Schlauderaff at least temporarily has passed them.

It will be interesting to see where this leads. It is entirely possible this was just a one week thing. Maybe the Jets just wanted to experiment because they understandibly have not liked what they have seen from Baxter or Ducasse. Maybe Schlauderaff is impressing at practice and is moving up the depth chart.

It is something to keep an eye on because another injury on the line will give somebody playing time. Things might be look differently up front than before.