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Have the New York Jets Found Their Pass Rusher in Jamaal Westerman?

Jamaal Westerman had a big game yesterday for the Jets. He had 2 sacks, but there was more. He drew a holding penalty and had a hit on Tom Brady. Westerman drew raves in training camp about taking over the designated pass rusher role on long downs, but his play in preseason and early in the regular season was underwhelming. Bryan Thomas' injury forced him into the starting lineup, and he delivered in his first start.

The Jets have struggled forever finding a guy capable of consistently getting to the quarterback. Maybe Westerman can be the guy. Aaron Maybin has a lot of fans, but he is really a situational guy. Even his biggest supporters understand Maybin is not big enough to handle the run, which limits his reps to passing downs. The Jets need a guy who can generate pressure on first and second downs.

Will Westerman be that guy now that he is a starter? What do you think?