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Plaxico Burress Accuses Manish Mehta of Making Up Story

Plaxico Burress denied the report from Manish Mehta that he and two other wide receivers on the Jets went to Rex Ryan complaining about Brian Schottenheimer yesterday in the locker room.

"Whoever wrote that story, they're just making up stories. I would like to get the name of the guy who wrote it because that never happened. Whoever wrote it  is just trying to make himself look good, but it's all rumors."

I find that very difficult to believe. I do not know Manish Metha. I have never interacted with him. My relationship with him is only one of writer and reader. I think when you read a certain writer long enough, you determine whether you trust him or whether he is just trying to get himself attention whenever possible. I trust Manish Mehta. He has never been a bomb thrower in his time covering the Jets as Burress is accusing him of being. You can tell from his features that he is very thorough and has developed a lot of good contacts. Really his only agenda has been to do a good job covering the team.

I have spent a lot of time focusing on this story, and that is because it is a big deal. Unlike a lot of the other speculative stuff that people try and turn into stories of locker room problems, it is evident the Jets have a locker room problem. Perhaps Manish's source was lying. Whether the story is true or not, there is a big problem. Somebody in this locker room has something either against Schottenheimer or the receivers (or both) that they are going to the press trying to make people look bad.