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What Is Your Pick?

The Jets head to Baltimore tomorrow night for a nationally televised showcase game against the Baltimore Ravens. It is the return to Baltimore for Jim Leonhard, Bart Scott, and a lot of the coaching staff, including Rex Ryan. It will be a matchup of teams with reputations for stifling defenses

A lot in this game hinges on the status of Nick Mangold. It is difficult to imagine the Jets getting their stagnant run game on track against an excellent defensive front if Mangold is not in the lineup. There are some advantages on the outside for the Jets to exploit, though, if Mark Sanchez's protection can hold. The defense has been taken to boot camp this week after an ugly performance in Oakland. How will it respond?

As usual, I will not make a pick. I leave that to all of you. This is the time to speak up. Leave your prediction for this game below in the comments section.