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Baltimore Ravens Talk About Darrelle Revis

The Baltimore Sun has some quotes from some prominent Ravens on offense who make it sound like they will not challenge him.

"He can definitely take one man away," Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said. "I don't know if it is one side of the field. They do a great job [with him]. They roll the coverage away from him, lock him up on the backside.


"So they've got two guys out there on the outside that play pretty well," Flacco said. "With Revis over there, it allows them to roll their coverage certain ways and leave him on an island. They trust that he's going to be able to man up whoever they put out there on him. So we'll do something to try to switch that up and get one-on-one matchups the way we like them. But those guys are very good at what they do and we'll have to account for that."

A lot of people commented that no corner is worth what Revis gets. It is not true. Revis is worth it. These quotes provide a window into how he changes a game. He impacts everything that happens on the field. Eliminating half the field changes an offense.

Due to the way the Jets play defensively, it is going to be tough for Baltimore to dictate the matchups. Most teams stick their corner on one side no matter what during a play. You may note that when the Jets break their defensive huddle, Revis and Cromartie are the last ones to move to their position because they are frequently assigned their man and go to the side their receiver is on. This makes the Jets tougher for an offense to exploit than others.