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Rex Ryan Hopes Nick Mangold Can Play

Kevin Armstrong has a few quotes for Rex Ryan regarding Nick Mangold's availability.

"If today was the game I'd say no," Rex Ryan said Friday. "But I think the fact that it's a Sunday night game might help the process. We'll see how it is. He truly is questionable. He's a legitimate game-time decision, not one of those where you really know what's going to happen. He literally is game-time."

I think the Jets are in a situation where Mangold has to play if he can withstand the pain and has enough athletic ability to perform reasonably well. This is a very important game in the AFC Playoff race. We always talk about how the Jets really need to get home games in January. This game could mean the difference between a return trip to Baltimore and a game in MetLife Stadium. Based on what we have seen the past two weeks, it is difficult to envision Colin Baxter holding up well against Baltimore's interior line.