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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Reflections on Last Night

If one takes a step back and thinks rationally about how much time and passion an NFL fan puts into rooting for his or her team, it is probably laughable. Otherwise normal men and women become emotionally invested in games between men most of them will never meet or know to incredible degrees. It's just silly. Just look at me. Think of all the time I put into writing a blog about a team that could be spent doing something actually productive.

When you actually experience something like last night, though, it all makes sense. These are rough times. Things are not good for a lot of people. Some people are struggling financially. Some are either sick or have a loved one who is. Others have experienced different kinds of heartbreak. Many of these things have troubled my loved ones and me recently. I'm sure they have for you also. For three hours each we get to put that all aside, though, and enjoy a game.

Sometimes we even get to see something that lifts our spirits sky high. We might not know these players, but it feels like we do considering how much time we invest in following them. We feel good when they do well. We feel great when something spectacularly good happens to them. I think part of it is the lesson games like the one last night provide. Even when we are down and things are bleak, it is never too late to turn it around.

As John Madden always loved to say, moments like this are what it's all about.