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Two Reasons Mark Sanchez's Play Against Chicago Bears Is Encouraging

I can think of two reasons the big game Mark Sanchez had against the Chicago Bears two weeks ago is encouraging for Jets fans entering tomorrow's game against the Colts

  • The Bears and Colts run the same scheme, the Tampa 2. These defenses consistently operate under the same look. They rush four, and all linebackers and secondary members drop into zone coverage. The safeties are responsible for deep coverage, and the middle linebacker is responsible for the entire middle of the field from shallow back to where the safeties play. It is an execution based defense more than a deception based one like the Jets run. Sanchez has to be comfortable facing it after mastering Chicago's.
  • As much as people want to talk about the shoulder problem, it first flared up before the Chicago game and seemed to give him no problems. He has had time to rest since then. Pretty much everybody is banged up at this point of the year, but the ailment didn't hamper him in that game.

How confident are you in Sanchez in this game?