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New York Jets Will Appeal Fine for Sal Alosi's Activities

The Jets are apparently going to appeal the $100,000 fine the league slapped on them for Sal Alosi's illegal activities against the Dolphins.


Jets spokesman Bruce Speight said Wednesday that the team's appeal was a "typical course of action" and added that any further conversations about the appeals process will remain between the team and the NFL.


This strikes me as odd and not only because the team originally indicated it would comply with the ruling.

I'm not really sure the case the Jets are going to make. My understanding of the situation is that the fine did not indicate that anybody above Alosi planned the action or even had knowledge of the wrongdoing. It was only because Alosi, a team employee, broke league rules by setting up a wall in a restricted area and then tripped Nolan Carroll. I'm not really sure how the team would go about saying this isn't so. I know some have argued that this practice is standard (a claim which has not been proven), but that really wouldn't make a difference. If I run a red light while driving, I can't argue to a police officer writing a ticket that I should be let off because other people I know have run red lights and not gotten a ticket.

Maybe the team just wants to pay less. This isn't really big money for a team to pay by the standards of the league, though. I'm surprised the Jets want to breathe new life into this story and let it stay in the news rather than pay the fine and be done with it.