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Tim Graham: New York Jets' Joe McKnight Is AFC East High Energy Player Of The Week

Fourth-round draft pick Joe McKnight started his tenure with the New York Jets by throwing up at rookie's minicamp. He spent the majority of the regular season thereafter inactive.

On Sunday, with the Jets resting RB LaDainian Tomlinson and RB Shonn Greene, McKnight was given an opportunity to be the workhorse in Gang Green's backfield. He stepped up to the plate and hit a home run, carrying the ball 32 times for 158 yards.

ESPN's AFC East blogger, Tim Graham, has rewarded McKnight by giving the running back his AFC East High Energy Player Of The Week award for week 17.

Last week, Graham selected TE Rob Gronkowski for his two touchdown grabs against the Bills.

I'll admit, I've given Graham crap in the past for being a Miami homer as he was a beat writer for PB Post. Still, he has been very fair in his assessment of the Jets this season, taking things at face value. That in itself is refreshing, after seeing some of the same analysts continuing to doubt the 11-win team and focusing on their flaws only, week in and week out.