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Jets Have the Best Traveling Fan Base in NFL

Darren Rovell, a sports business analyst for MSNBC, just tweeted some very interesting information. Apparently, the Jets have the best traveling fan base in the NFL, which will come as a surprise to just about everyone.

@: Best traveling NFL fans: 1. Jets, 2. Packers, 3. Bears, 4. Giants & 5. Patriots. Steelers are 11th (via )

I'm not entirely sure what he is basing this on, but this is a pretty significant symbol of what the Jets have accomplished in just a few years. They are now the media darlings of the league. Even though this is Super Bowl week, it seems like the NFL hype has died down now that the Jets have been eliminated; the Super Bowl seems somewhat anti-climactic.

The biggest surprise is the Steelers are 11th on the list. I remember going to Jets-Steelers in 2007 and seeing about 20% Steelers fans there. Granted, the Jets went 4-12 that season, but perhaps those towels make their presence seem larger than what it really is.

Not only are the Jets getting more talk than ever, but it is about time this die-hard fan base is getting some love. This is one of the oldest franchises in the NFL; the franchise that gave birth to the merger in 1970 that made the NFL what it is today. Sure, Green Bay and Pittsburgh have strong, passionate fans, but so does New York.