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Mathias Kiwanuka: Pursue or No? Part 6: The Vote

I will start this post off by noting that I assume nobody would be interested in signing Kiwanuka unless he gets a clean bill of health regarding his neck injury.

Like many other players this offseason, it is difficult to say what will happen with Mathias Kiwanuka because there is so much unknown. He is one of those fifth year players who could be either a restricted free agent or an unrestricted one depending on what happens with the CBA.

Either way, I would like the Jets to look long and hard at him. I am not saying go get him at any cost. If he is a restricted free agent, I would not necessarily give up a first and a third round pick and make him one of the highest paid defenders in the league. If the Jets could work out a trade with the Giants involving Draft picks and work out a reasonable contract, though, I would definitely think it over. Spare me the complaints about trading picks. They are way overvalued because of how much hype and attention the Draft gets. They exist for teams to add talent. Again, I am not talking about a premium early pick. If that is what the Giants demanded, I would turn them away and look in a different direction. The notion that a Draft pick is better to have than a proven player is difficult to square for me. This is a talented young player who has proven he can play well in the NFL, opposed to talented young players who have not proven that yet. Pass rushers are not easy to find, particularly ones that could be relatively affordable.