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Perception Is a Funny Thing

I have spoken about this before, but I find the groupthink which conventional wisdom produces amazing. Entering Saturday's game, most pundits seem to be picking the Colts. They are perceived as hot, riding a four game winning streak. The Jets seem to be held as underachievers who got some lucky breaks.

One streak people cite is New York's four game winning streak midyear against Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, and Cincinnati. The first three came down to the wire. The last one was an ugly affair that had the pundits on NFL Network questioning how legitimate the Jets were as a contender. The Jets won those games by a combined 28 points. The records of the teams on Indianapolis' winning streak are better than those of that midyear streak for Gang Green. Not one Indianapolis opponent in that span, however, finished with a winning record. The Colts won those games by just a combined 20 points.

The Jets beat two teams with at least 12 wins during the season. Four of their five losses came to teams in the Playoffs. The Colts did not beat anybody with more than 10 wins during the regular year. Four of their six losses came to teams that did not make the Playoffs.

Let's look at strength of schedule. The Jets played a tougher schedule than the Colts and finished the season with a better record.

Nothing I stated is a flawless case that the Jets are a better team than the Colts. These are just some points that suggest it might be so. It is just odd that mainstream thinking has people regurgitating the exact same logic without considering other possibilities. It's not a fact that the Colts are a better team. It is people viewing things one way and only one way without considering alternative evidence.