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Should Home Field in Playoffs Be Decided By Record?

Most people were focusing on the NFC West as this discussion has become mainstream this year. In all four Wild Card Playoff games, though, if home field was decided by record instead of winning one's division, the team playing on the road would be hosting the game.

I think there is a valid case to be made for record deciding seeding. It would definitely be a way to generate more interest on the last weekend of the season. You could even argue it would decide the seeding system more on merit than it is currently constructed.

I personally like things the way they are, though. I think it puts emphasis on winning one's division, which is a good thing. If you don't win your division, that probably means three road games to get to the Super Bowl. The Jets had a chance to win their division. I don't think they should get the edge a home game provides as a second place team over a team that proved itself superior to its direct competition.

The NFC West is an anomaly. Division winners have established themselves as the top notch teams in the league. Wild Card teams did not prove themselves as such.