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Nnamdi Asomugha: Pursue or No? Part 4: Darrelle Revis' Potential Role

At the Pro Bowl this weekend, I expect there to be plenty of questions about comments the two Pro Bowl starters, Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha, made at last year's game.

Oakland Raiders star Asomugha was smiling when he brought up the dream scenario, but insisted he was "dead serious" and has spoken to New York Jets coach Rex Ryan about it.

"Me and Revis have been talking to Rex to try to do something," Asomugha said. "You may see us in the future. There's a little bit of talk going on. Either he's coming to Oakland or something else will happen."

Said Revis: "Me and him have talked about it, but I can't really control that situation. I don't know if he can either."

If this is going to be a real possibility, Darrelle Revis might be the key player. Revis carries a big cap number. Asomugha is presumably looking for a huge deal at the peak of his career. What if they are serious about playing together, though? The Jets probably could not afford to tie up both of them as the two highest paid corners in the league without neglecting other positions. What if they were both willing to take paycuts in the name of winning?

It's unlikely. Revis is the guy who held out for the entire preseason to get a huge contract. Mike Tannenbaum commented on Revis' agents being so money hungry that he forgot they are human. Revis' manager openly mocked a $60 million contract D'Brickashaw Ferguson signed on his Twitter page. For his part, Asomugha will never have more value. This is his time to cash in. I know he is probably sick of losing, but he will not have to choose between winning and getting paid big. Winning teams will certainly line up bidding on him.

Maybe they do want to play together, though. Revis' obsession with being the high paid corner in the league seemed to have a lot to do with matching Nnamdi's deal in particular. The two are friends and linked as the top two in the league. Would Revis really care as much about another guy? What if Nnamdi went up to him this week and proposed they both take the same salary, like $10 million per year instead of Revis getting around $15 million and his number two getting $5 million.

That is probably the only way this would happen. It sounds like quite a pipe dream. Plenty of athletes are friends and care about winning, but their careers are short. This is their time to earn money. It doesn't seem realistic. We can dream, though, right?