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Get Coached By Rex Ryan DVD Winner: Tamarack

Lost in the shuffle last week, we held a contest for a Rex Ryan motivational DVD produced by the folks at Victor1. We asked you to write Wes Welker's postgame speech after his team's loss to the Jets in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. The best one got the DVD.

Every entry was great, but our winner is Tamarack who made this entry that I felt used the greatest variety in his foot references.

Going toe to toe with an opponent like the Jets is always going to be tough. We’ve got to step up to the plate and put our best foot forward. You can’t just kick back on your heels and callus up. You really need to dig your toenails in, scrape your feet on the ground like a bull and charge forward. You can’t get cold feet because if you do you’re likely to be burried 6 feet under ground on the scoreboard pretty quickly with a coach like Rex Ryan. I have a lot of repect for him and the Jets. They have a lot of heart and a lot of sole.

Sure they talk a lot of trash but they back it up and if you end up talking trash back you wind up putting your foot in your mouth and getting booted out of the playoffs so you have to be careful. They like to disguise coverages and we weren’t ready for some of them. They were stocking up on their blitzes and were being very tinactful about it all. We didn’t know what it was all agout.. I mean about. I know it’s corny but we worked really hard studying those tapes and it’s like we didn’t learn anything. We just didn’t execute well enough and shuffle our feet fast enough. You’ve got to side step faster. You’ve got to stay on your toes and be ready to adjust to anything with a team like that.

From what I understand Tom had the flu and a broken foot too so that didn’t help our cause any. So tonight the doctor will examine him. Probably rub his foot down. Lather it with some creme. Massage it a little. Look at it through an x-ray and see if there’s anything he can do to ease the pain that he fought through today. That Tom… he’s tough playing with a hurt foot like that. He’s lucky a bunion doesn’t form or some toe turf. But yeah Tom.. he’s tough… and he’s a real fungi to be with.


Congrats to Tamarack, and thanks to everybody for playing. I think the contest was probably worth it just for the fun, even without the prize. We'll try and do more in the offseason. Tamarack will get an e-mail from me about where
I'm sending the DVD.