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Santonio Holmes: Stay or Go? Part 7: The Vote

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Over the course of the day, I have laid out a profile of Santonio Holmes. Now it is time to make a decision. As a restricted free agent, the Jets can give him a one year tender. That would give them the option of getting him back for one year or getting Draft picks in return. They could lock him up long term to keep him in green and white. They could try and work something out with him but only if they make sure they can keep Braylon Edwards (making Braylon a higher priority). They can also let him walk.

I believe a football team needs to lock up elite level talent. Pay top dollar for the best and market value for everything else. I think a receiver as complete, as clutch, and as attuned to a young quarterback as Holmes is with Mark Sanchez is elite level talent. I think the Jets should lock him up long term. The possibility of a suspension concerns me, but the team can protect itself in any contract.

I vote lock him up.

How do you vote?