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Santonio Holmes: Stay or Go? Part 6: Santonio vs. Braylon

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Some seem to feel the Jets will only be able to afford one of their starting free agent receivers, Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards. The team might well have to make a decision. If both are looking for elite receiver money, it might be too much to sink into one position. Remember, Jerricho Cotchery is still around. Getting rid of him would save under half of $1 million in cap space, not freeing up much room to sign both.

If the team has to make a choice, I am firmly in the Holmes camp. I do not think there is anything Edwards does well that Holmes does not do well. Braylon is a great deep threat. Holmes is also fast enough to be a deep threat. Santonio is also a much better route runner on underneath grabs. He is better on the intermediate routes. The clutch factor cannot be discounted. He is also a guy Mark Sanchez relies more upon.

What is that you say about Braylon's run blocking? I will not deny Edwards is an excellent run blocker. How much does that really provide, though? The Jets ran outside the tackles on less than one-fifth of all plays in 2010. He wasn't the only blocker either. In fact, most corners are not good in run support. Wide receivers throw the key block infrequently. It happens, but it is not often. Run blocking is a nice accessory in a receiver, but it should not be a determining factor. The job in the passing game is much more important. I would also submit that Holmes is an excellent blocker in his own right who exerts plenty of effort.

For those worries about Holmes' off field behavior getting him suspended, I would submit Edwards' troubles off the field, which unfortunately exist. Holmes might have turned a corner too. Unlike Edwards, he has kept his nose clean since he got his second chance in New York.