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Santonio Holmes: Stay or Go? Part 2: Mark Sanchez's Favorite Target

Braylon Edwards led the Jets in 2010 with 102 targets on pass plays. Dustin Keller finished second with 100. Santonio Holmes finished third with 94. That is striking. The reason this is so striking is Holmes missed the first four games serving a suspension for violating the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy. He still almost led the Jets in targets.

Holmes averaged around 1.5 targets more than any other target. What really sticks out again is Holmes missing the first four games. The Jets had plenty of weapons. There is no question Santonio's presence funneled passes away from other targets. In those four games, the other guys had more opportunities to see passes since there was one less "mouth to feed." Santonio wasn't there to take targets away from them in those games. Holmes was competing for throws with everybody else while he was in there after the suspension.

The team had a different top option each week, but Holmes was Mark Sanchez's favorite target.