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Santonio Holmes: Stay or Go? Part 1: Introduction

This year we will have the same "Stay or Go" profiles we did last year, but I will break up the key points over a series of posts. The final post will have our vote. We will start off with impending free agent Santonio Holmes.

Holmes will be a restricted free agent. He was stolen acquired by the Jets from the Steelers last offseason for a fifth round pick. He has developed a very solid resume in his young career. The 26 year old led the league with an 18.1 average per reception in his second year of 2007. A year later, he was Super Bowl MVP and had the winning catch, a spectacular touchdown grab late in the fourth quarter to beat the Cardinals. He had career highs of 78 receptions and 1,248 yards in 2009, but a series of off field incidents and impending free agency led to Pittsburgh selling him low to the Jets.

Holmes was suspended for the first four games of 2010 but finished the season with 52 receptions for 746 yards.