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A Look to the Offseason, Part 4: The Draft

Since nobody knows what will happen with free agency, the only way we know teams will have for sure to improve is the Draft.

The Jets own the following picks in the NFL Draft.

First Round-30th pick

Third Round-30th pick

Fourth Round-29th pick

Fifth Round-30th pick

Sixth Round-29th pick

Seventh Round-5th pick

The Jets ended up with the 30th pick in the first round. The 29th and 30th picks are reserved for conference championship game losers. The team with the worse record gets 29. The Jets and Bears both finished at 11-5. The first tiebreaker is strength of schedule. Chicago's was weaker. The teams alternate ownership of the 29th and 30th picks each round.

The Jets traded their second round pick to San Diego for Antonio Cromartie. It was originally a third round pick, but the Jets met the condition of advancing to the Divisional Playoffs to bump it up to a second rounder.

The Jets acquired Arizona's seventh round pick for Kerry Rhodes.

The Jets traded their seventh round pick to Detroit for Kevin O'Connell.