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Mark Sanchez: Hope for the future

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Well, I returned from Asia this Sunday and was immediately greeted with a crushing Jets defeat. I'm glad to be back in the best country in the world, but still depressed that the Jets were once again, so close, yet so far from the ultimate goal. The 2010-11 season was almost an all or nothing season for the Jets as they went out and signed multiple players with questionable backgrounds, expiring and aging NFL careers, etc. The all or nothing attitude rolled us into the AFC Championship once again with the same result as last year, even with all the free agent acquisitions. It's no doubt that this years Jets roster and next years will look very different, as the team will not be able to retain some major stars, but I do believe there will be one constant who will benefit the team for years to come.. His name? Well, you saw the title of the article right?

It's Mark Sanchez. I along with 98% of Jets nation this preseason singled Sanchez out to be essentially the only weak spot on the team. Well, there were plenty of weak spots on the Jets this year, but for most of the season spare a few games, Mark Sanchez wasn't one of them. The improvement Sanchez made from his rookie year to his sophomore campaign was astronomical. His decision making, accuracy and efficiency all improved greatly. Most of all, Sanchez proved that he is a gamer and a leader, something the Jets have lacked in a QB for years.

If you need further proof, just take a quick look at the stats of Sanchez and his jump in progress.


After watching this season, I firmly believe that we have found our QB of the future. We were one drive away last week from Sanchez becoming a legend of massive proportion in New York forever, and I know he can take us back to the promised land. It might be a bold statement but I believe Mark Sanchez will eventually win a Super Bowl(s) and dethrone Joe Namath as the best Jets QB in history.

...Now if we could just do something about that offensive coordinator huh?