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Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens Want to Play for a Coach Like Rex Ryan

Bengals wide receivers Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens have nice things to say about Rex Ryan.

"Jets will make it to the AFC Championship game every year, based off of heart, will and the head coach that they have" – Johnson
"I would do anything to play for someone like Rex Ryan" - Johnson
"As a player, you would love to play for a coach like that" – T.O.

With professional athletes, money tends to talk. I'm not sure how many marquee free agents the Jets will land as a result of having Rex. Remember, even Bart Scott, who loves Rex, was one phone call away from resigning with the Ravens two years ago. It can't hurt, though. I'm sure Rex might be a tiebreaker for some guys if the Jets are offering close to the most money. He also might help convince some veterans who have made their fortune and want to win to sign for a low money contract for the Jets.

I'm also sure the media is salivating at the thought of either of these guys talking about playing in New York. This clip will be on the T. Ocho Show tonight at 10:30 Eastern on Versus,