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Thank You For a Great Season at GGN

I would just like to take a moment to thank everybody who played a role in us having our best season ever here at GGN. I think we have a fantastic staff who has helped me so much running the site, including some great new additions. Everybody does great work. Matt Birch in particular does an incredible amount behind the scenes working tirelessly to make this a better site that nobody knows about. If you like what the site has become, you owe him more thanks than you could ever know.

Mainly, though, I'd like to thank you for joining us. I probably put more time and effort into this site than any healthy person should. I enjoy doing it, though. It's mainly because of you. I love having a place to chat about my favorite team with such great people. Over the past year, I have really found that running a site like this well isn't about having all of the answers. It's about setting the discussion into the right direction so we can talk about it. What I enjoy most is disagreeing with people and getting into debates. You guys have changed my opinions many times with well thought out arguments. It's made me a better fan. And on nights like last night it's nice to have fans to talk things over with.

Don't be a stranger in the offseason. Our coverage of the team isn't going to slow down. I'm going to do my best to give myself more time off when I can, but I always say that. The discussion on this site keeps me going. We have some exciting things on the horizon. I'd also like to try and have a GGN event somewhere during the offseason so members can meet each other.

Here's to a great season with a great group of people. Don't stop coming by.