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Rex Defiant in Defeat

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Rex Ryan came out swinging in his postgame press conference last night.

"We almost pulled out another one, but again, our goal for next year, I got news for you ... it won't change and it will never change," he said Sunday night. "We are going to chase that Super Bowl. We are going to chase it until we get it. And we'll chase it after that again.

"But that's it," he added defiantly. "If you want to criticize us, then go ahead, but you have no right."

This team does bring a lot of attention to itself so many will revel when things go badly. I still applaud Rex for this, though. The Jets have nothing to be ashamed about. Yeah, they fell a little short, but they silenced a lot of doubters along the way and showed what they were made of not quitting at halftime. This is a good team with a very bright future.