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New York Jets Experienced Radio Malfunction in AFC Championship Game

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A couple of times in the fourth quarter last night, it looked like the Jets got a play in late and had to rush to the line. Many of us (including me) blamed Brian Schottenheimer. The problem was in the radio in Mark Sanchez's helmet.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had problems with the radio in his helmet during the second half. He indicated that it was going in and out, making it difficult sometimes to get the play calls from offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

Not of this really absolves Schottenheimer, though. Perhaps he can share the blame with Sanchez and Rex Ryan. If the radio was giving them problems, they needed to let an official know so the play clock could be stopped. In that situation, the Steelers would not be able to use their radio system to keep things equal. Rushing to the line was the wrong thing to do.

Especially on the goal line, the Jets should have at least taken a timeout. It might not have been ideal, but making sure everybody knew what to do on the play and had time to prepare was much more important. A score there would have made the game different.

Then again, considering what Schottenheimer called in that spot, maybe Sanchez not running the plays that were called would have been even better.