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New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers Game Thread

At some point, we all decided to invest way too much time in a professional football team that has brought us much more pain than joy. Those who made that choice between 1969 have waited 42 long years. Those of us who made that choice after 1969 have been waiting our entire lives. Most of us made this choice long before there was a site called Gang Green Nation or any of us knew each other.

We have seen a great deal of heartbreak. The first time this team guts you is kind of like a rite of passage in Jets fandom. Mine came in 1993 when Cary Blanchard missed 3 field goals at Buffalo to lose a game that could have clinched a Playoff spot. Others had their moment come before. Maybe it was the Playoff game in Cleveland in 1986. Others had it after. There was the fake spike game. There was the 1998 AFC Championship Game in Denver. There was Doug Brien. These are only a handful of the many painful moments.

This is a very difficult game against a very difficult opponent at a very difficult venue. But maybe, just maybe, tonight will be the night where we are rewarded for some of that pain we have endured. This isn't about one game or one season. This is about lifetimes of watching football possibly building up to this day.

Leave your thoughts below.