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When Do You Prefer to Start Conference Championship Games?

The NFL has mixed up its schedule on Conference Championship Sunday since the 2002-2003 season. After 19 weeks of games starting at 1:00 and 4:00-4:30 Eastern, today's games are at 3:00 and 6:30 Eastern.

I know some people do not like this because it messes up the routine developed over the course of the season.

I personally like it. The wait at the start of the day stinks, but the games take you through the end of the night. I am used to having Sunday Night Football to finish the night. When the last game ends in the early evening, there isn't really much to do. It is too late to make any substantial plans, but it is too early to go to bed. I prefer the late game ending later at night.

I am for the later kickoff instead of the old 1:00 and 4:30 Conference Championship Game kickoff times. How do you feel about it?