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Defensive Backs Know How To Handle Hines

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Earlier I questioned why it had been so quiet this week, well with just 24 hours to go, the outspoken Cromartie who fired some verbal abuse at Tom Brady last week, has been at it again, talking to ESPN regarding Hines Wards reputation for throwing some blindsided blocks, Cromartie said:

"Just tell [him] if he do it again you're gonna kick his ass," Cromartie said Friday afternoon.

Cromartie was not the only player to speak out about Hines Ward and his blocking technique and penchant for some cheap shots, Jets safeties James Ihedigbo and Eric Smith chimed in with:

"We're going to deal with him early so he knows what type of game it's going to be, and that none of that stuff is being tolerated," Jets safety James Ihedigbo said.

Like a tone-setting hit?

"Hell yeah," the safety said.

Eric Smith who has a reputation as a hard hitter, just ask Boldin and Wes Welker agreed with Ihedigbo

"If I finish what I said and then do what I planned on doing, I'm going to get fined," Smith said

We all know this is going to be a physical battle from the first minute to the last, tempers will flair, teeth shattering hits will take place on every play, near the ball or away from the ball. Will there be some blindsided hits? Of course there will be, I'm sure some of our guys do it, and Hines Ward sure as hell does, in fact he did it 3-4 times against the Ravens. When Hines Ward goes over the middle though, he's going to get rocked with Digs and Smith prowling for prey, and that's why we love football

"If you hit a guy like that, when he's looking at you and it's face to face then I'll be like, 'Hey, he's a pretty tough player,'" Ihedigbo said. "But if you hit someone in their back when they're pursuing a play or they're not even looking, that's a cheap shot."