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Fireman Ed Will Be at AFC Championship Game

Fireman Ed Anzalone, the best known Jets fan, will be at Heinz Field tomorrow according to TMZ.

Fireman Ed -- the guy who invented the "J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!" chant -- says he didn't go to Indianapolis last year when NY played the Colts because Gang Green lost the previous two AFC championship games he attended ... and he thought he may have been bad luck.

But this year is different -- Ed's traveled to all of the Jets playoff games this year and they've won -- so he believes it's in the team's best interest to not break the cycle.

Ed's so confident in his team, he's already planned out his victory celebration ... telling us, "I'll grab as much steel as I can and walk it back over the George Washington Bridge into New York!"

It was fun seeing him get to do the chant after the game in Indianapolis. Let's hope to see it again tomorrow.