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A Sad Story About a Steelers Blogger and a Jets Blogger

AOL Fanhouse has a story about a friendship between a Steelers blogger and a Jets blogger who died of cancer this week.

T.J. Jenkins and Scott Wedell never actually met, but they disliked each other from the start.

One loved the Steelers, the other loved the Jets. That sparked a blogging battle so intense it would make Rex Ryan blush.

"We were at each other's throats about everything," Jenkins said.

Tensions eventually cooled, then the rivals grew to respect each other. And finally this week, when the teams they love most were preparing to battle for the Super Bowl, Jenkins crumpled to the floor.

His blogging rival was dead. Wedell was only 19.

It's an interesting story. I can certainly relate, and I'm sure anybody who comments here can too. A lot of people spend a lot of time here. How many have actually met me in person? I can think of two. How many people knew me before they read this site? I'm not sure anybody did.

It's part of the reason we try and moderate against personal attacks and something worth remembering. Every other member is a human being with people who love them. It is something to keep in mind.