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How Emotionally Drained Are The Jets?

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There is definitely a different feel in the air this week, the talk is non existent, the interviews are business like and refined. One question keeps coming back to be though, is this the eye on the prize steely (sorry) determination or are we just so emotionally drained from our epic victory up in Foxborough, that we need this week to come down and let the adrenaline float away.

I'm not for a single minute even suggesting that the Jets or their players are experiencing any difficulties in getting amped for this game. I can't imagine any team or player, even Albert Haynesworth having difficulty getting up for an AFC Championship game. However after a game such as the one we witnessed against the Patriots, emotional tiredness can translate into physical tiredness and for me that is a serious concern.

Maybe it's just my nature as a Jets fan to always worry and look for any slight issues that could lead to a disappointment. We saw the players prior to the game, during the game and post game (just look at John's video of the Bart Scott interview below). Every single one of our guys put everything they had into that game and they could be forgiven for feeling a little exhausted this week.

So it's quiet, it's the calm before the storm and everyone is being respectful. It's a little bit of a different move for a brash talking Jets team, and maybe it's an intentional ploy to refocus the goals of the players. As much as Branch likes to think so, the game against the Patriots was not our Superbowl.

At the end of it all, when we come to sit down on Sunday evening to watch the Jets. I'm sure they will be amped to the max and every single player will lay it all out on the line and leave everything they have on the field. Rest assured though, that victory up in Foxborough took a hell of a lot out of that team.