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D'Brickashaw Will Be on Ferguson Island Sunday Against James Harrison

One advantage the Jets have over a lot of teams is ownership of a legitimate franchise left tackle. After slow development at the start of his career, D'Brickashaw Ferguson is legitimately one of the best at his position in the league. This gives the Jets something of an edge in this game. They will trust him to handle James Harrison, one of the game's most feared pass rushers, alone. He will get little help.

Part of the reason the Steelers are so dangerous defensively is Harrison's presence forcing teams to use extra men to block him, men who cannot be used for other duties, such as help on the other side. That would present real problems for the Jets if they did not have Ferguson. They used Ben Hartsock, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Robert Turner to help Wayne Hunter on the other side against Lamarr Woodley in the first time to generally make Woodley a nonfactor. Wayne has shown he has talent, but the Jets should probably play it safe and give extra men.

They trust D'Brickashaw as they should. They will need a big game from him on Sunday.